Tile slim review – A small gadget with a big purpose

Tile slim review

For last couple of years, Tile has been helping me keep track of my stuff and only major complaint that I had it makes my wallet fat. Finally, the people at Tile seems to have understood customer pain point and have come out with Tile slim – The World’s Thinnest Bluetooth Tracker.

As name suggest, the Tile slim is really very Slim i.e. about 2 inches by 2 inches in thickness like two credit cards stacked upon each other. It’s a wide and flat card-like device. Design wise, it’s pretty simplistic. The large white square has nothing special on it besides the logo, which actually doubles as a sneaky button.

The tile slim design is somewhat different from tile mate (read our tile mate review here) with a center Tile logo doubling as the button while remaining tile slim surface has a pleasant embossed pattern. The back side is greyish in color. Further, there is no loop on the tile slim for using it as keychain and that’s due to the fact company wants to position it as a different product than tile mate, which is positioned to be used for finding keys. While tile slim is position for keeping track of wallet.

Why people need Tile Slim – Simply because it can fit into small & thin accessories

  • Thinnest Bluetooth tracker available in the market
  • Fits into thin accessories like wallets and passports easily
  • Helps you find misplaced items and your phone
  • Mobile app is simple and well-designed
  • Find Your Phone function

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Key features of Tile Slim

  • Design: No change in device design from its earlier version, except there is no key hole for attaching to key ring. Device has a sleek design and has a smooth white plastic surface with small Tile logo in the middle. Speakers are on the back side of the device and has a capacity to ringing one of four 90-decibel chimes.
  • Size: measures 2.1 by 2.1 by 0.1 inches (HWD) and weighs 0.3-ounce. Its width is actually like two credit cards together in your wallet. So, doesn’t make your wallet bulky.
  • Pricing: Tile slim has been priced at around $28 with 1 pack. Also, tile slim comes in 4 pack – $ 69 and 8 pack – $180
  • Water resistant: The device has been rated IP5 for water resistance, which means it can survive splashes and rain but not a dip in the pool or the washing machine. Thus, it’s actually water resistant and not waterproof.
  • Pairing: The Tile slim is compatible with any smartphone with Bluetooth devices on both iOS or Android platform. However, one need to download the tile app to connect with the tile slim and view nearby tiles as well as connect with them. One can only pair up to 250 Tiles to one account. Further, tile slim is always meant for a single owner i.e. once you have paired tile with your account, you need to directly email the company with device information to un-pair it and let someone else use it.
  • Battery Life: The company claims tile slim will last around one year. But, user’s reviews have been complaining it running out of battery few months earlier. Further, the battery life depends on the usage by individual. Also, the tile slim battery is non-removable and means once the battery dies, you have to buy new tile slim. In addition, the company send automatic reminders after about 11 months that you are required to replace your tile mate, since its running low on battery and will probably entice you to order a new one at a discounted price. The tile slim is available for around $69 for 4 packs and 8 pack – $180.
  • Accuracy: We tested the device its largely accurate when comes to finding the belonging with which it’s attached, if it’s within the bluetooth range. However, riming tone volume is bit low compared to tile mate. However, its accuracy is affected by various factors including physiology, location of device, and different movements.
  • Mobile app: The app is well designed with good user interface. The main screen showcase a list of the Tiles connected to your phone, add new Tiles, edit the name of each Tile, and view a Google Map that shows where a Tile was last seen.
  • How to use tile slim mobile app
    • In the mobile app, the main screen showcases list of every Tile slim connected to your phone.
    • From the main screen itself, one have the options of adding new tiles or buy new tiles or access settings to change the tile names of each Tile.
    • Further, it provide google map view highlighting where a Tile was last seen.
    • Tap a Tile on the main list and you’ll go to a bisected screen
      • The top half showcase tile name, green ring indicating its connection and a tile find button, which activates the tracker’s alarm.
      • The bottom half contains two tabs: one with basic tips about the Tile’s features and options, and one with the FAQ

Key specifications of Tile Slim

  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • 1 year battery life
  • IP5 water resistant
  • Requires compatible iOS or Android device with Bluetooth 4
  • 34 x 34 x 4.7mm


  • Medium sound level: The device sound level is bit low, especially if kept under a pillow its hard to hear it. However, the Bluetooth connectivity helps under this circumstances as you can see if device is paired its near buy
  • Non-removable battery and rechargeable battery as you need to buy new tiles after every twelve months. Battery life is only around 8-10 months based on customer reviews not 12 months claimed by company
  • Water proof: I would personal want company to make water proof mates rather than their existing water resistant as there are occasions when you through them into washing machines with clothes. However, they remain protected from water in times of rains.

Conclusion – Tile slim is good value for money and must buy

The Tile Slim easily slips into the wallet as its thickness is like two credit cards stacked together. Thus, can help you find your wallet or other essentials while not making them bulky. In tests, it worked quite well and able to find items but has little downside on the sound level. Also, battery life is not as good as claimed. However, it’s still the best Bluetooth tracker that’s available in the market and great value for money. Overall it’s an attractive buy, if you have tendency of misplacing and loosing stuffs.

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